The Mission of COFAA-IPN is “ to contribute with the educative purpose of the IPN, by helping to achieve the academic excellence of its professors, researchers and students by granting scholarships and economic supports, as well as providing the appropriate equipment and maintaining the laboratories and workshops in optimum conditions of operation.


The Vision of COFAA-IPN in the 2012 is: “To provide services of excellence and manage the resources that, because of its opportunity, contribute to the improvement of the educative, scientific and technological services that the IPN offers; with this, the recognition of the polytechnic community and the productive, social and educative sectors of the country will be obtained.”

* Honesty and integrity.

* Discipline and capacity.

*Loyalty and commitment.

Foster, promote and spread the culture of gender equity among the internal and external community of the Commission, and in its every day relation with the personnel who work in this organization, in the field of influence.

Eliminate any attitude of inequity or discrimination and foster the gender equity

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Report of donations received in the period January -June, 2014.
Annual Program of Acquisitions, Leasing and Services (PAAAS-2014).
Program of disincorporation of state property, 2014.

One of the main activities of COFAA is to provide the Schools, Centers and Units of the National Polytechnic Institute with the equipment and materials for the laboratories and workshops.

This task is achieved through the Technical and Promotion Direction, which is in charge of the definition of the needs regarding the concepts mentioned above, and the formulation of the corresponding programs of attention; also, the Direction of Acquisitions and the one of Administration and Finance are in charge, respectively, of acquiring the items specified in the programs and administering the resources necessary to carry them out.

The attention to the services of maintenance for the equipment, laboratories and workshops of the Institute begin in the Technical and Promotion Direction, where the needs regarding this concept are defined and the annual program of maintenance is designed. This program is carried out In the Direction of Acquisitions, which has the responsibility of executing it with the participation of the Direction of Administration and Finance, which carries out the processes of administration, control and provision of the resources necessary for this purpose.

COFAA Scholarships for Studies are the economic/monetary support that COFAA grants to the career teachers of the National Polytechnic Institute for postgraduate studies.

Exclusivity Scholarships constitute an economic incentive given by the Commission of Operation and Promotion of Academic Activities (COFAA - IPN). These grants are given to the academic personnel who works full time and exclusively for the National Polytechnic Institute with the purpose of promoting research and academic excellence in the Schools, Centers and Units of the Institute.

The Scholarships of the Institutional Program of Researcher Formation (PIFI in Spanish) are economic incentives that COFAA grants to high school and postgraduate students who take part in research activities in the National Polytechnic Institute.

The Bank of Mexico Credit Scholarships - COFAA are economic supports agreed with the Bank of Mexico. They are granted to career teachers of the IPN who want to do postgraduate studies in their country or abroad.

Economic supports are granted for the purpose of promoting academic excellence of the academic personnel of the National Polytechnic Institute by means of attending and participating in specific academic events or the publication of articles, product of their research, in national and international journals. They are also given to the Academic Units of the National Polytechnic Institute so they can organize academic events.

These supports are given in order to encourage the development of academic and research activities, as well as the operation of projects and specific programs in those areas in which the schools, centers, units and dependences which have an urge to count on  professional people, specialists or experts; with this support, it will be possible to hire the necessary personnel. However, these personnel have to have a high academic level and be specialists in their field of study in order to justify their hiring.

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